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Electrical actuation, a game changer!

I was certainly impressed by your innovative soft robot gripping system – and that it is all electric.

Jim Devaprasad
Professor, School of Engineering and Technology
Director, LSSU Robotics
Lake Superior State University

We were at A3 Business Forum in January and had a chance to have conversations with numerous robotic professionals, academicians, distributors, and system integrators. The quote above is just one of many positive comments made by these people when they heard about Gentle’s fully electrically actuated finger design.

Customers are impressed by this because they know that an electrically actuated soft gripper would unlock a number of great features that would be extremely costly (if not impossible) with a pneumatic system.


Gentle is sold at a very attractive price that is $1,200.00 for the base model and $2,400.00 for the Pro and Duo models.

Position and Speed Control:

At last, users are able to open and open their grippers at the speeds they want and stop the motion at a desired finger position. Gentle receives an integer command [1,100]. It also reports back where the fingers are. See the graph below to see how position feedback works:

Gentle receives an integer command [1,100]. It also reports back where the fingers are.

Plug-n-Play Application:

Gentle end-of-arm gripper does not require an air compressor, or a control box, or valves, tubes, washers etc. All you need to operate the gripper is a 12V power source and a signal connection (for open/close commands).


Gentle is compatible with all robot arms as its only requirements are power and signal. We make mechanical robot interfaces based on customer needs. Thanks to its light-weight design, Gentle can be used on mobile bases or even drones. It weighs about 1 lb and can pick up as much as 3 lbs.

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