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Who we are, what we do!

Ubiros is an early-stage WPI-based startup, set out to free humans from picking and packing tasks, one of the most mundane tasks done by humans, so that they can focus on more value-added activities. Businesses will also get 10 times more efficient in the process.

There simply aren’t enough people to work in warehouses to meet the demand.

Bruce Welty
Chairman at Locus Robotics Corporation

We conservatively estimate that US food warehouses currently spend $20B annually in labor costs to perform low-skill simple picking and placing operations. We believe our greatest addressable markets are food packaging and e-commerce order fulfillment, both of  which currently utilize human packers and stowers. 

Packing vegetables! Gently.

We built a soft robotic gripper, we call Gentle, that can handle pretty much anything without causing any damage to even the most delicate objects like eggs, tomatoes, glass bottles, or a bag of chips. 
Compared with current solutions, Gentle has numerous advantages:
1) Modular: Gentle is entirely electric motor driven. So it is plug-and-play. It does not need a huge air compressor and any other peripheral device. Thus, Gentle is significantly more deployable on any existing robotic system.
2) Adaptive: Gentle uses soft fingers that conform to the shape of objects automatically even if the target object shape and size vary significantly.
3) Cost effective: Because of its simple and lean design, Gentle costs a tenth of what the competition costs.

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