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Robotic Packaging
Bakery packaging is one the biggest challenges in robotic automation because beautifully crafted muffins, merengues, or croissants need a “Gentle” touch!
Robotic Packaging Applications
GENTLE grippers can handle fresh or frozen red meat, fish and poultry. They are designed to mimic the human hand to grasp and manipulate items of varying sizes and shapes.
Robotic Packaging Fresh
Fruits and Vegetables are often extremely delicate, posing a significant challenge for robotic pick and place.
Textile Handling
Automation of picking clothing items is a major challenge in today’s e-commerce businesses. GENTLE soft gripper will change that.
Robotic Food Packaging
We developed a food-grade soft gripper capable of picking up delicate and irregularly-shaped objects in food applications for the primary packaging operations.
Robotic Handling
Imagine, your warehouse labor costs cut by 70%. Your warehouse operates during the day and night with equal costs. Your inventory counts are updated daily. Believe it or not, this is a reality in today’s warehouses.
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